Welcome to our Front Row community. The following terms and conditions (from now on “terms”) regulate the utilization of the Website ww.frontrowco.com (from now on “Website”) by the users (from now on “you” or “your”).


(From now on “us”, “to us” or “our”). Please, read carefully the following Terms, for they have an effect on your rights and responsibilities before the law. If you do not agree with the following Terms, please do not enter or utilize the Website. If you have any questions about the following Terms, we encourage you to contact us.


We reserve the right to:

  • Update these Terms anytime it’s deemed necessary, and whatever the modifications might be. These changes will be properly notified with an announcement on the Website. It is your responsibility to verify the existence of said modifications. The modifications will be applied to the Website utilization once the announcement has been made. In case you don’t accept the new Terms, you should not continue to use the Website. If you continue to utilize the Website after the date of modification comes into effect, your utilization of the Website will indicate your agreement to be bound to the new Terms and conditions.
  • Modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, said Website and the material contained in such (or any part of it) without previously notifying you; and you confirm that we will not be held accountable before you because of any modification or withdrawal happening to the Website.


You guarantee that:

  • The personal information that is asked from you when you are registered is actual, exact, current and full in any aspect.
  • You are not impersonating any other person or organization.

The products acquired via this Website are for private and domestic use only.

Privacy policy

We will manage all your information with confidentiality and will only use it according to our Privacy policy.

When you buy on this Website, we will ask you to include your personal data for identification purposes, such as your name, e-mail address, billing address, delivery address, credit card number or any other payment information. We confirm that we will keep this information according to the registry we maintain with the Information Commissioner’s office.

Protecting your security

In order to ensure that your credit card, debit card or charge card will not be utilized without your consent, we will validate the name, address and other personal information that you give to us during the ordering process, verifying and checking it with third party databases.

We take the risk of online fraud very seriously. Given the amount of credit card related fraud crimes, we take every necessary measure to ensure that each of the orders is meticulously checked using the information handed to us by you. It is possible that we contact you to make additional security verifications, so we kindly ask for your cooperation to complete said verifications. We will not tolerate fraudulent transactions and such transactions will be reported to the competent authorities.

By accepting these terms and conditions you authorize us to carry out said verifications. By carrying out these verifications, the personal information given to us by you can be revealed to a Reference Credit Bureau that will be able to keep a registry of said information. We assure you that this is done solely with the purpose of confirming your identity, and that we will not perform any credit verification, and that your credit classification will not be affected. All information that you give to us will be treated with security and strictly according to the Data Protection Act of 1998.


The Website can exclusively be used with lawful purposes and in a lawful way. You agree to comply with every law, norm and rule applicable in relation to the Website and it’s utilization. You agree not to enter or broadcast through the Website:

  • Any informatic virus or any other element designed to interfere with, interrupt, or stop the normal operative procedures of a computer.
  • Any material that is defamatory, offensive or of obscene nature.


You agree, in a complete manner and with a previous request, to: compensate, defend and hold us harmless, as well as our executives, counsellors, employees and providers, against every reclamation, loss, cost and expense, including reasonable legal fees that derive from your utilization of this Website or from any other person that accesses the Website using your credentials.

Third party links

For our customers convenience, the Website can include links to other websites and other materials outside out jurisdiction. For you information, we are not responsible for said websites, nor materials; and we do not review or rate them for approval. We will not be held accountable, be it directly or indirectly, for any privacy or content practices that said websites contain; nor for any damage, loss or non-compliance caused or supposedly caused in relation to the use or dependence of any ad, content, product, material or service available on those websites or any external resource.


Every order is subject to acceptance and availability. If the requested items are not available in stock, it will be notified via e-mail to you (or by any other mean, in case you did not give us an e-mail address) and you will be able to choose between waiting for the item to be available or cancel your order.

Any order placed online by you will be treated as a buying offer for our products and services. We reserve the right to reject any of your offers at any moment. As a user, you accept that any automatic notification of order reception that you receive from us will not imply our acceptance of your product or service buying offer. The conclusion of a contract between you as a user and us will take place: when the order is confirmed and its preparatory and shipping process. We will take care of (as far as we are able to) keeping safe the details of your order and payment, but, in absence of negligence from our side, we cannot be responsible for any loss that you may suffer in case of a third party trying to access without authorization to any of the data provided by you when you access or place an order on the Website.

You will be responsible for the products once they have been dispatched to the delivery address that you may have provided when you placed your order. We do not accept any responsibility given the case that you provide us with an incorrect delivery address or if you are not able to receive the products at such address. Although the risk of loss or damage to the products is only transferred to you once they have been delivered to the address, the property of said products will be transferred to you only after:
a) the products have been delivered by us.
b) we have received the corresponding payment. Not with standing that the risk of loss or damage of the products is only transferred to you once the products have been delivered at the provided address, the property of such products will be transferred to you in the following cases:
a) the products that we sent.
b) that we receive the corresponding payment according to such.

Right of cancellation

When you acquire our products or services as a costumer (in other words, for a private usage, instead of a commercial usage), keep in mind that you have the right to cancel any contract subscribed to us within a range of 14 days from the day of the reception of such products or services.

Price and payment

Each and every price that is shown on the Website include IVA (when applicable) and is correct at the time of its introduction to the system. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to change the prices at any given time without previous notice (keep in mind that said changes will not affect those orders for which you have already received a shipping confirmation).

The payment will be made through the STRIPE platform for better security, such that all the data provided of credit cards, debit cards and PAYPAL accounts will be managed exclusively by said platform.

In the exceptional case that the price shown on the Website is incorrect, and such fact has been discovered before we accept your order, we do not have the obligation to sell you those items at the price incorrectly shown. We will always try to ensure that the prices of the goods shown on the Website are correct, but seldomly mistakes can happen. If we discover a mistake on the price of the items you ordered, we will notify you as soon as possible and will give you the option to re-confirm the order with the correct price or cancel it. If you cancel your order once the payment has been approved, we will refund you the total amount.

You confirm that the credit or debit card that you use is yours. Every cardholder (be it credit or debit) is subject to verification for validation and to the authorization of the card issuer. If the card issuer rejects or, for any reason, does not authorize the payment, we will not be responsible to you for any delay or non-delivery of the order.

Discount codes

You will only be able to use one discount code for order. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any order where more than one discount code is added to the shopping cart.

We allow the utilization of discount codes strictly under the terms and conditions according to which they are created, and that may include their eligibility for usage as well as a maximum cost for the order.

Customs clearance responsibilities for delivery addresses from the EU

For the deliveries to addresses inside the EU, you are the importer of the merch, and are held accountable of any right, tariff, or tax that may be charged by any customs authority. By accepting these terms, you allow us to designate our authorized transporter(s) to carry out the customs formalities on your name, including the payment of any right, tariff, or tax to the corresponding customs authority. We have charged you these amounts as part of your order, but, to avoid any further doubt, we are not providing you these products based on “Delivered duty paid” because, as an importer, you are still responsible for such amounts before the appropriate customs authority.

We will appoint an adequate transporter to deliver your items and carry out the customs formalities on your behalf. Such customs procedures will take place in different countries, depending on the country to which your delivery address belongs and the appointed transporter.

Please, get acquainted with these terms and conditions before placing an order, since we reserve the right to reject or cancel any order that doesn’t meet the requirements, even if a charge on your debit or credit card has been done. If there was to be any inconsistence between the terms and conditions under which the discount codes are created and the present terms and conditions, the discount codes terms and conditions will prevail. You can ask for a copy of the discount codes terms and conditions to our Customer Service Center.